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This issue’s theme is a slight departure for us, but then again in travel, it’s all about departures, really – in this case, focusing on the luxury side of adventure travel. While the first thing to come to mind is, not surprisingly, the cost, luxury travel is not always about breaking the bank. Thanks to the high standard of living (ie. costs) in Hong Kong, many of these destinations don’t have stratospheric costs, but offer ‘luxury’ in many other ways.

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Floating Fjords - Lofoten Luxury
Consistently rated as Europe’s most expensive country, the potentially prohibitive costs of travelling in Norway is an inescapable factor behind any decision to visit. But Norway is also recognised as one of Europe’s most beautiful countries, meaning you get what you pay for.
Gone Glamping - Luxury Camps in India
From the jungles of India’s national parks to the mountains on the edge of the Himalayas, luxury tented camps are the new byline in luxury, and it’s even got its own vocabulary. Gone are the days of dingy tents and collapsible chairs – glamorous camping, or ‘glamping’, prove that you don’t need solid walls to soak in the riches.
Gear Guide
HAGLÖFS L.I.M Essens Jacket
HAGLÖFS L.I.M Essens Jacket is our premier down jacket when each gram counts. Extreme lightweight face fabric and lining in a 7 Denier construction with PFOA free DWR treated surface. Mini box quilted construction stabilises premium European Standard 800 fill power (= US Standard 900 fill power) goose Down.
Manfrotto’s Tri Backpack M
The Tri Backpack M provides 3 ways to store, carry and use your gear. You may use it in the backpack, sling bag or “X” position. Suitable for your pro DSLR with battery grip, attached mid-range zoom plus 3-4 additional lenses, flash and accessories; media card storage and space for 11'' laptop or tablet.
Wearable Tech
Many people use the New Year as an excuse to get back in better physical shape or to set new fitness goals for them­selves. One of the many ways to make sure that you stay in shape is to measure and track your progress. There are many gadgets and gizmos on the market that can help you do just that – best of all, they're wearable tech.
Accommodation Options
There’s a whole new world out there for exploring, and while traditional hotels, resorts and B&Bs are still great as a base, there are plenty more options out there. For a list of by-owner rentals, options range from single rooms to an entire house. Check out,, or
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