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It’s summertime, so hit the road and have a well-deserved mid-year break! Long journeys are great this time of the year, as summer deals can be had in many places. We start off with a country closer to home, Taiwan – and while it’s a popular destination, not many visitors make their way to its outlaying islands: Kinmen, Matsu, Penghu and Green. Each of these tiny outposts have their own draws – Kinmen and Matsu for their military history, Penghu for its wild kite-surfing, and Green for its hammerhead shark diving.

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Far Flung Gems - Taiwan's Outlying Islands
Resting on the fault line where the Euro-Asian and Philippine continental plates meet, Taiwan sits in a unique geographic location with frequent seismic activity, resulting in the extremely diversified topography and natural environment that it is known for today. These include the various offshore islands that people tend to overlook, each with their own distinct charm and offerings, such as historic Fujian villages, unique rock formations, and even a rare seawater hot spring.
From Che to Cigars - A Month on the Road in Cuba
Cuba is known for old American cars – it is possible to travel from one end of the country to the other without setting foot in a vehicle built later than 1959. All the old makes are there – Chevrolet, Buick, Plymouth, Ford, Oldsmobile in large numbers with the odd smattering of the more exotic, Studebaker, Pontiac and Edsel.
Gear Guide
Columbia Tech Tee
A super-cooling tech tee with stretch and sun protection, this soft and lightweight men’s shirt sports a cooling technology which reacts with your sweat to lower the material’s temperature and keep you cool during dynamic aerobic activity even in the heat. Available at all Columbia shops at HK$499.
The North Face Men’s Ultra Endurance
Salomon’s Speed Cross Pro is especially good for trail running and hiking on muddy and wet conditions. The special design of the outsole uses Salomon’s Light Weight Muscle and EVA cushioning which enables users to grip wet and muddy trails firmly.
The Long Journey
Epic journeys can require some epic gear. When you’re going on a long journey you’re likely looking at higher end gear. You’ll have to make a lot of the classic choices that you’re always confronted with when it comes to gear, like weight versus durability; but when on a true journey, you won’t want to make a lot of sacrifices.
The old adage that “one pound on the foot equals five pounds on the back” is worth remembering. On a long backpacking trip, you’ll be able to walk further and faster with lighter shoes.
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